Snow on the Ground. 11 degrees outside.

I don’t know about you, but that sounds like perfect running weather to me!

I haven’t even started unpacking, and I’m itching to go out and run. I haven’t been super consistent with my running since I picked it back up, but everyday I get more and more into it. I’m getting back to where I don’t want to go a day without running, and I’m totally fine with that. I missed running, and getting out of the habit really makes it hard to get back in the groove of things.

I’ve never been the kind of person that likes the cold weather, let alone running outside when it’s cold out. It just kind of came out of nowhere. Oh well! Off to run! Then go see daddy ❤


There’s nothing like…

I love college.
I love being independent.
I love working towards becoming independent.
I love being so far from home.
I love the city.
I love my new friends.
I love  this new challenge.


There’s nothing like coming home.

I missed my family, especially at Thanksgiving.
I missed my dog.
I missed my bed, one that doesn’t squeak and make loud noises and always has a nice warm dog.
I missed driving my car.
I missed having my mom make breakfast for me in the morning.
I missed my friends.

I’ve always loved flying, and yesterday was no different. Actually, scratch that, it was different. There was a huge sense of excitement in me because I was finally getting to come home after being homesick for a little over a month. When I got off the plane in Iowa I was literally shaking in anticipation.

My homesick kind of caught me off guard because I’ve always been really independent, and leaving home to go to school so far away really didn’t seem like a big deal to me. After thinking about it though, I’m pretty sure I know the reason. Losing my grandmother last fall was really hard, on all of us. It caused some rifts, some fights, and some of us to grow closer together. I think it was just the fact that I left so soon after that made it so hard.

Holidays have always been big in my family, we’ve always made them big affairs. Not only was this my first Thanksgiving away from home, but it was also my first Thanksgiving without grandma. Thanksgiving just wasn’t the same. I had a great time meeting all of Ryan’s friends, and his family was very welcoming, but it just felt off to me.

I’m so glad to be home for Christmas and New Years. I missed my friends, and am so excited to finally see them this month!

Crazy little thing I call life

Oh well hi there stranger, it’s been a while huh? I mean, holy crap it’s November, I’m on Thanksgiving break and I’ll be home in 16 days. Where did that first term go??? I always told myself I’d get around to posting, but I just never did. It is actually kind of sad that I never got to post. I’ve had ups and downs, but overall I’m living my dream and nothing could spoil that.

I ended up switching my major, I’m now an Environmental Studies major instead of Environmental Science. The difference being that I’ll be in a more social, communications like major instead of a researched based major, and that’s perfect for me. I don’t want to sit in a lab the rest of my life and study one thing, I want to be out there helping people. I discussed what I wanted to do with my major with an upper level advisor and she suggested that I make the switch, so I did.

Not to mention, upper level bio with chem was totally and kind of still is totally kicking my ass. Thanksgiving break, one more week of class, two finals and I’m going to be home…

Ryan and I went to the Academy of Natural Sciences about a week ago, and it was pretty fun. It was for a class, but still I enjoyed it. It’s not something I could do often, it’s geared more towards younger children, but it’s worth going through at least once. The butterfly house was the best part, reminded me of Reimen Gardens at home. We also found this amazing little cafe called Darlings, and we’re addicted!!! They have the best cheesecake and really anything you get there will make you very happy!

I’m at Ryan’s this week for Thanksgiving, and I’m just happy to have a break from campus for a week. I ALSO GOT TO DRIVE YESTERDAY!!! It’s been so long and I felt like I was just starting to drive all over again, but I was still very happy about it. Today I think we’re going to King of Prussia Mall, which won’t be near as much fun as if I had money, but it’ll still be hella fun!

I’ve made some really amazing friends and honestly I don’t know what I’d do without them. I’ve always been that strong, independent girl, and I was getting to the point that I was very unhappy with my decision to go to Drexel. As it turns out, I just needed a little taste of home, someone from home who understands me and knows everything about me. I was just getting stressed and things were crazy, and I needed a rock, and while she doesn’t know everything about me I met this really amazing girl on my floor who doesn’t have to know everything. She’s that girl that everyone loves because she’s just so nice and amazing, and she doesn’t ask questions, if you need something she’ll do what she can to help.

That helped my homesickness a lot, but I’m still extremely excited to go home in 17 days. Justin is picking me up at the airport, and I have so many people to see! It’ll be a break well worth it, a month at home and I think I’ll be good.


I cannot begin to explain life since I’ve been here in Philly, it’s been crazy! I’m currently in the middle of midterms, and it feels as if I’ve only been here a few days. Time really has flown, but at the same time, I’m ready for a break because classes really are pretty hard core. Since being here I’ve learned how to actually sit down and study! For me, this is a huge feat considering I have the attention span of a squirrel. I’ve just had to take lots of breaks, turn off my phone, and use my computer at a minimum. It really hasn’t been all that bad.

Chem and Bio have kicked my butt so far, but I’ve discovered a new resource to help me with Bio, and I’m going to go to the help center for Chem in the next week. Hopefully, this will help me a lot. Recently, I decided to stop going to my Chem and Bio lectures because I wasn’t getting anything out of them, and I was taking notes on the lecture slides. Instead I’ve been reading the material, taking notes, and in the case of BIO doing the online supplements (pre-tests, post-tests, review, etc). So far, it seems to be sticking better, I went from super terrible homework, to decent homework. So, we’ll see how this goes. The one professor I really wanted for Chem lecture is Dr. King, and now that I stopped going to Bio lecture, I may just start going to his lectures that are during the same time. Though, I am going to go to Bio lecture this next week because we’re switching professors and I might end up learning more from the new one.

There hasn’t been much of a chance for me to get out and explore yet, but I’m still getting settled and used to college life and college work load, so that’s understandable. I’m anxious to get ahead/caught up enough that I can start using my cultural passport, I want to take advantage of everything in it. I mean, sure Opera doesn’t sound all that great, but hey, it never hurts to try something new! So, when I get the chance I’m going to do just that, try a ton of new things. 🙂

My textbooks are hella expensive, but I learned that the Chem and Bio books I have will get me through at least the first three classes of each, which means I spent $130-160 for the whole year instead of just one term, thank god! Speaking of, I get to register for winter term classes November 16th!!! I’m excited! I have to meet with my advisor between now and then to discuss what classes I should take because with the introduction of the new BEES program next year I may not need to take Chem, and taking that out of my schedule would make my stress levels go waaaaay down!

So, I just said it BEES, what is BEES? Well, this year Drexel partnered up with The Academy of Natural Sciences and starting next fall they will be introducing the BEES program. If anyone is history/environmental buff they’ll know that ANS is the oldest Natural Sciences museum/research facility in the U.S. (Even older than the smithsonian!!). The BEES Program will be the new Environmental based major at Drexel, it stands for Bio-diversity in Earth and Environmental Sciences. I’m pretty excited for this to start. It’s emphasis is Field experience early and often. I’m definitely okay with getting out of the classrooms more. The school digest had an article about it this week:

This week is midterms, and I’m hoping that after this week I’ll finally be settled enough to start blogging regularly again. I’m also hoping to finally be able to start reading a little in my free time again, I really miss that 😦

The one thing that’s been the best since being out here was finally getting to see Maisam! Columbus Day weekend I went to see her in Boston and spent the weekend there. It was so much fun, and I was sooo happy to see her. I missed her bunches! I can’t wait to see her again!

I’ve met so many people, and made some pretty amazing friends. So far it’s been exactly what I was looking for, major change, and I can’t wait to see what’s in store next!!

So, one final little thing and I’ll be done for the night… College is expensive, to the point of downright ridiculousness, and same as most people I’m struggling to pay for it. I recently entered an essay for a scholarship, and it’s win by popular vote. All you have to do is go to the link and click vote. Thanks bunches!


So, my first week of college is almost over… Like, in 2 hours it will be officially over. All I have left is English at 4, and then it’s officially the weekend. The last two weeks have been hella crazy, but at the same time they’ve probably also been the best two weeks of my life. I’ve met some great people, had some awesome adventures and I’m in college for god’s sake!

So, my great people….

This is Ryan, he’s my GBF, I have succeeded in making him a Gleek. We spent 7 hours in his bed yesterday watching Glee and talking. Today, it was raining like a mo-fo, and we went puddle jumping (hence the crazy soaked hair and clothing).  So yeah, we are pretty close.

Gattozzi is the one sitting next to me. We’ve had some pretty awesome adventures, and just in the first week. The other night we wandered around Philly until like 2 in the morning and sang disney songs. It was great!

Classes have been good, some of them have been mostly review, which I’m totally okay with, because I really need some review…

I don’t really feel like talking about classes yet, they’re kind of  not really anything good though. I mean, they’re classes, but I haven’t really had a chance to really get into them yet. My UNIV 101 class was probably the best, everyone in there, but one are environmental science majors. I DON’T FEEL SO ALONE ANYMORE!!!!!!!

So yeah, back to the rain today… It was really warm, so we jumped in puddles and such. I got sooo soaked, and my glasses fell out of my bag, and kinda sorta got into a fight with a car and the car won…. I won’t get contacts until late next week… So yeah, until further notice I’m semi-blind.

I have to now get to class, I’ll hopefully have a better update soon. Toodles!

Crazy Week

So, this week was soo crazy and my LMG of getting into a school sleep schedule kind of majorly failed. This was kind of to be expected, with working, packing and moving my stuff to dad’s, seeing people, etc. It was worth a shot at least. I would say I was going to aim for it again this week, but considering it’s New Student Days that have late nights and early mornings. So, I’ll still be crazy…

I’m thinking my LMG this week will just be to read and understand Hoops… yeah, that’s going to be impossible!