A little bit about me to start you off…

I’m a crazy, quirky, fun-loving, adventure finding, country girl who loves the city, small town Iowa kind of girl. I’ve had good times and not so good times. I will laugh, I’ll cry, I’ll bitch and sometimes even whine, but mostly, I’m just a nature loving, workout obsessed, travel extraordinaire who is looking to find the adventure in life.

I was a freshmen at Drexel University in Philadelphia, but due to health problems was brought back home to Iowa in February of 2012. I started at DMACC in May of 2012, and am currently in the process of catching up, so I’m not behind. In May of 2013 I’ll be 4 credits shy of graduating with my AA, and will start massage school in the fall. After I get my massage license I am going to take a year or two off and go work around the country and just have some fun with my life. When all is said and done I plan to finish my bachelors and possibly masters in Nutrition and Exercise Science at Iowa State University. A quote I read recently reminded me of the passion and love I have for life and that I should live a little now, even if I am determined to work hard all the time.

As for my job I currently work at Panera Bread for the second time in my life, but at a different location this time. The first week I was there I was promoted from associate to certified trainer which was a nice raise in my pocket. Now, in December I’ll be starting training for my second raise to Catering Coordinator and I’m super excited about it. I’ll work Monday through Friday from 8-3 and only weekends if I have any big orders. So, that means I’ll have weekends off for the first time since I started working and I’m super excited! My goal is to pay off most of my current debt before continuing school after I get my massage license. Maybe I’ll even put off massage school until I get more debt paid off. We will just have to wait and see what I end up deciding. Until then, this is my crazy messed up life.


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