So, my first week of college is almost over… Like, in 2 hours it will be officially over. All I have left is English at 4, and then it’s officially the weekend. The last two weeks have been hella crazy, but at the same time they’ve probably also been the best two weeks of my life. I’ve met some great people, had some awesome adventures and I’m in college for god’s sake!

So, my great people….

This is Ryan, he’s my GBF, I have succeeded in making him a Gleek. We spent 7 hours in his bed yesterday watching Glee and talking. Today, it was raining like a mo-fo, and we went puddle jumping (hence the crazy soaked hair and clothing).  So yeah, we are pretty close.

Gattozzi is the one sitting next to me. We’ve had some pretty awesome adventures, and just in the first week. The other night we wandered around Philly until like 2 in the morning and sang disney songs. It was great!

Classes have been good, some of them have been mostly review, which I’m totally okay with, because I really need some review…

I don’t really feel like talking about classes yet, they’re kind of  not really anything good though. I mean, they’re classes, but I haven’t really had a chance to really get into them yet. My UNIV 101 class was probably the best, everyone in there, but one are environmental science majors. I DON’T FEEL SO ALONE ANYMORE!!!!!!!

So yeah, back to the rain today… It was really warm, so we jumped in puddles and such. I got sooo soaked, and my glasses fell out of my bag, and kinda sorta got into a fight with a car and the car won…. I won’t get contacts until late next week… So yeah, until further notice I’m semi-blind.

I have to now get to class, I’ll hopefully have a better update soon. Toodles!


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