Books, books, books and some more books…

So, I’m supposed to be reading Hoops by Major Jackson as my summer reading for school, but I seriously can’t get into it. I’ve thoroughly read the first few poems, but when it takes me 5 times through to fully understand the metaphors and meanings, even when the meanings aren’t clear, it is very disheartening. I mean, I’ve vowed not to procrastinate in college, and this IS my very first college assignment, but damn! I am really struggling here. I would never recommend this book to anyone and feel bad for anyone who has to read it in the future.

I am, however, very excited for some books I recently bought. With Borders going out of business I spent quite a bit on books I was slowly getting as I got the money. I got 5 books pertaining to the environment that I feel will help me not only with my monday environmental posts, but also with classes and any papers I have to write. I skimmed through a few of them and will most definitely be recommending them as I read through them. I’m still finishing up the Harry Potter series, and plan to finish Hoops on the drive to Philadelphia on Monday/Tuesday. By next Friday I should have started a totally new book and possibly be finished with it.


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