College Conspiracy

“If we were doing such a wonderful job, and producing such geniuses coming out of universities. Do you think we would be in the problems that we are in now? Do you think that we would be among the most unhealthy nation of people in DEVELOPED nations? Do you think that we would be gobbling down junk food? Do you think that we would be prescription drug addicts as a society? Do you think that we would be in the greatest recession that’s heading towards the greatest depression? Do you think that we would be in Iraq and wasting trillions of dollars fighting losing wars in Afghanistan and now in Pakistan? Do you think that we would have presidents and senators and congressmen and legislators of such low mentality that we have now? Do you think that we would have the rampid greed of the white shoe boys on wall street, if the universities were turning out anything of quality considering the trillions that are spent and the tens of millions that are educated. By their deeds you shall know then, look what American universities have produced.”


Got your interest?

You know, this kind of hits a nerve with me. My dream school is probably the most expensive school I looked at, and I’m going, but at what price? I realize, the fact that I’ll have 18 months of experience before I graduate, and that is fantastic. I’m going to scrape by in college only to work on paying off my 100-200 thousand dollars in loans back. Everywhere they claim that there’s tons of money out there for you to get, so college can be affordable, but who actually gets any of that money? I’m going to a school that after all costs will be about $50,000, they also have an average of a 3-4% increase in tuition every year. The aid I got this year, minus loans and work study, is about $10,000. I don’t come from a family that is well off. We have always lived pay check to pay check, sometimes and very rarely, we’d splurge and go on a week long vacation somewhere, but most of the time it was somewhere where we had family to visit and stay with because it SAVED money. I honestly don’t understand how my school can just expect my parents to help me pay for school, well NEWS FLASH!!! They’re not helping me pay, and it’s all on me. They do not, however, take this into account, and so yeah, I’m going to have a ton of loans the next five years and I’m going to work my ass off for good grades and good co-ops in HOPE that I’m going to get a good job right out of school, and those chances are very slim.

Honestly, I love what my school is doing for us, they are doing what they can to be more green, but at the same time, they’re milking me of everything I’m worth, and I’m doing everything I can to save money and not end up in a huge hole. Overall, I am really questioning whether or not it’s worth it….

“There is no longer anything special about a college degree in America if 70 percent of everybody else is also attending college to receive one.”

Makes me want to know, what are you going to do to make your college degree worthwhile? How are you going to make it worthwhile? Is it even worthwhile for you?

I’m still going to college, and I’m going to love my field, but it’s something to think about. While I agree with a lot of stuff in this video it is poorly organized, and has a lot of fluff. They have some valid points and ideas, but I also think that they are also missing a very valuable point that most people look over…


I feel as if you know exactly what you want to do with your life, go ahead and go to college for it, but only if it’ll really be worth the money. If you know what you want to do and you can achieve where you want to be without college, go for it. If you do not, however, know EXACTLY what you want to do, it’s not worth going to school and spending the money right away. In other words, for those not in college, I strongly suggest really thinking about what you want to do before deciding on college.


2 thoughts on “College Conspiracy

  1. As a computer programmer I could definitely find work without a degree. The only requirement of freelancing sites is that you’re over 18, and heck I could’ve done much of that work before I turned 18. However, a diploma lets me apply for higher-end jobs (like those with an office…) without having to special-case the job requirements. I may not especially /learn/ much new from college but the degree helps prove yourself as having a clue. Even so I’d still have to show how much I pwn the other people who apply with a degree, but it’s easier when we (other applicants and myself) start at the same place.

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