So, my first week of college is almost over… Like, in 2 hours it will be officially over. All I have left is English at 4, and then it’s officially the weekend. The last two weeks have been hella crazy, but at the same time they’ve probably also been the best two weeks of my life. I’ve met some great people, had some awesome adventures and I’m in college for god’s sake!

So, my great people….

This is Ryan, he’s my GBF, I have succeeded in making him a Gleek. We spent 7 hours in his bed yesterday watching Glee and talking. Today, it was raining like a mo-fo, and we went puddle jumping (hence the crazy soaked hair and clothing).  So yeah, we are pretty close.

Gattozzi is the one sitting next to me. We’ve had some pretty awesome adventures, and just in the first week. The other night we wandered around Philly until like 2 in the morning and sang disney songs. It was great!

Classes have been good, some of them have been mostly review, which I’m totally okay with, because I really need some review…

I don’t really feel like talking about classes yet, they’re kind of  not really anything good though. I mean, they’re classes, but I haven’t really had a chance to really get into them yet. My UNIV 101 class was probably the best, everyone in there, but one are environmental science majors. I DON’T FEEL SO ALONE ANYMORE!!!!!!!

So yeah, back to the rain today… It was really warm, so we jumped in puddles and such. I got sooo soaked, and my glasses fell out of my bag, and kinda sorta got into a fight with a car and the car won…. I won’t get contacts until late next week… So yeah, until further notice I’m semi-blind.

I have to now get to class, I’ll hopefully have a better update soon. Toodles!


Crazy Week

So, this week was soo crazy and my LMG of getting into a school sleep schedule kind of majorly failed. This was kind of to be expected, with working, packing and moving my stuff to dad’s, seeing people, etc. It was worth a shot at least. I would say I was going to aim for it again this week, but considering it’s New Student Days that have late nights and early mornings. So, I’ll still be crazy…

I’m thinking my LMG this week will just be to read and understand Hoops… yeah, that’s going to be impossible!

Concerts galore

I’m not even in Philly yet and I’m hearing about all sorts of concerts! Everyone’s like, “Oh! Are you going to these five concerts? I am!” I’m sitting here like, dude, you’re a college kid, where the frack do you get the money to go to all these concerts. I bought a ticket to one concert so far, and it’s the Pop Punk’s Not Dead Tour with New Found Glory, in a standing room venue only.

Don’t get me wrong, I love music, and will happily buy rather than pirate it, but dang! I really wish I had the money to go see all these people live, I’ve been to a total of 2 concerts in the past 18 years, and they were both while I was in high school. I thought that was a lot, but I come to find these kids I’m going to school with have been to 20 at minimum. Jeez! Can I please have your life? Even if I did, I likely wouldn’t be spending the money on concerts anyways, I’d likely be spending it on other, more important things to me than a concert.

All in all, I can’t stand spoiled people, it makes me sick, or people so obsessed with technology or spending their money on useless things. What is the point? Seriously? If my parents handed me money all the time I’d be like a kid at Christmas, but they don’t, so I’ll sit here while everyone goes to a million concerts and be grumpy because I’m going to be a poor college kid in only a matter of days.

Books, books, books and some more books…

So, I’m supposed to be reading Hoops by Major Jackson as my summer reading for school, but I seriously can’t get into it. I’ve thoroughly read the first few poems, but when it takes me 5 times through to fully understand the metaphors and meanings, even when the meanings aren’t clear, it is very disheartening. I mean, I’ve vowed not to procrastinate in college, and this IS my very first college assignment, but damn! I am really struggling here. I would never recommend this book to anyone and feel bad for anyone who has to read it in the future.

I am, however, very excited for some books I recently bought. With Borders going out of business I spent quite a bit on books I was slowly getting as I got the money. I got 5 books pertaining to the environment that I feel will help me not only with my monday environmental posts, but also with classes and any papers I have to write. I skimmed through a few of them and will most definitely be recommending them as I read through them. I’m still finishing up the Harry Potter series, and plan to finish Hoops on the drive to Philadelphia on Monday/Tuesday. By next Friday I should have started a totally new book and possibly be finished with it.

Sudden Realization



This is one of those things that happens when you can’t sleep for one reason or another and your brain is literally going nuts! I was thinking about a lot of things, and considering one of my friends confides in me quite a bit they were in the front of my mind. I was thinking about them as a person, and their interests and realized, theoretically, they’re perfect for me. Everything I want, and we’re super close friends. Not to mention, have tons of stuff in common… Weird the little thoughts that occur to you at 3am…

Thinking Outside the Box

This video makes a lot of valid points. Watching it brought me back to a conversation I had 2 years ago with the new associate principal at Boone High. We were supposed to be interviewing him on something for the school paper, and we got soooo off topic. First in the obesity epidemic in America and what causes it, then to how our education system is stuck in the 1900s production line education that is no longer working. Sure, some people test high in their standardized testing, but as this video shows, interest in school has gone down in correspondence to the increase of standardized testing.

I could not agree more with the point made here, there needs to be major changes in the education system if people want to avoid total failure, and creativity is almost totally extinct. There are a few students who survive the monotony, and even those ‘artsy’ students are now becoming very mainstream. No one thinks outside the box anymore, everyone’s done something someone has already done. Honestly, where is the fun in that?

Personally, I LOVE the thrill of creating something new and knowing it’s mine. Sometimes my best work comes out of a crazy jumbled mess, there’s plenty of order in chaos, you just have to know how to look at it. In the words of Robin Williams in the movie Dead Poets Society, “We must constantly look at the world from a different point of view,” or something along those lines. It is in fact sooo true, why would you want to look at something the same every time? There are no new ideas created that way. If you look at a picture of a scribble and all you see is a scribble, then there’s nothing special about it. If you look at a picture of a scribble and see an idea, that’s when your creativity blooms.

Creativity and change are two things that need to hit the education system hard. Not only that, while a degree is a very good thing to get, you are no longer guaranteed a job with one. This is why so many people are asking, “Why get a degree then, if I’m not guaranteed a job?” Good question.

Think about it.

A Change of Temperature

This is probably one of the most simple changes that can be made to be just a bit more environmentally friendly. Heating and Cooling systems in the U.S. together emit 150 million tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere each year. By turning the thermostat back 10-15 degrees at night, it can save about 5-15% a year on your heating bill.

In warm weather, set the thermostat at 78degrees, and in cold, set it to 68degrees. It’s not all that hard to put on some warmer clothes or to turn on a fan. I’m sure you won’t be complaining when your heating/cooling bill isn’t as high. If you really want to go nuts, set the thermostat for 85degrees when no one is home during the day in the summer and down to 55degrees at night in the winter. An extra blanket never hurt anything.

At home, I can’t control the temperature of the house, I can only ask my mom to follow these guides, but at school, as long as it’s alright with my roommate, I can easily do it. Air conditioning and heating systems weren’t always around, and there are plenty of fun and creative ways to cool down, so don’t be lazy, and while it doesn’t cost me anything extra to blast my heat or air conditioning at school, why not save them a little money?