You know how most everyone will tell you how scary and dangerous riding a motorcycle is? I’ve always wanted to, but have always been super terrified due to this reason. Today, my dad got a motorcycle, and I had to go with him to pick it up. After we got it back to his house and I dropped his car off, I went on my very first motorcycle ride. HOLYSHITITWASAMAZINGIDONTKNOWWHYIDIDNTDOTHISSOONER!!!

Yeah, that kind of sums it up! It was so much fun, and exhilarating. Gah! I wanted to just keep going and going, but we couldn’t because dad has to work in the morning, but still!

Hnnnnnng! I’m in love! I really, really want a motorcycle now!

So, yeah, I really can’t think of anything else to add to this… Moral of the story, sometimes the things that are scarily intriguing are the most fun adventures. It’s not like my dad and I don’t get along, but we don’t really talk or spend much time together, this little excursion today meant a lot to me. I’ve learned to cherish the little things, and it was definitely a little thing to cherish.


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