Leaving for the trail in T-40 minutes!!

Due to a family emergency, my mom flew home last night to be with my grandma. Hopefully we will have phone battery enough to last through Friday to keep in touch with her. Also, due to this I will be driving on my own to Philadelphia next week, I’m kind of excited about this, but at the same time kind of intimidated, I’ve never driven that far by myself, hell, I’ve never driven more than 6 hours alone, I will be driving 10 hours from Colorado home on Saturday, with my mom’s cousin’s kids (12, 14, and 19 plus my little brother), so it’ll help, but Philadelphia is double that.

There will be a huge multitude of pictures when I get back/when I’m killing time in Philly area, granted, there’s plenty to do other than kill time by uploading pictures, so there may be more in the beginning of August. When I’m done with all my vacations I’ll be starting some Zumba videos, 30DS and Insanity workouts for the last month before school starts to kick start getting back in shape. Running will also be happening once a day, at least.

Peace out!


Packpacking trip

Initially the title was a mistake, but I decided to leave it. I always used to call backpacks, packpacks, and seeing as my childhood is slowly coming to an end, I’m feeling slightly nostalgic.

Today, after we’re done hospital sitting for my grandma, we will head out towards Colorado for our 4 day backpack trip. Good news: I have a new camera, so my project can resume soon, and I’ll be able to document the adventures of the next couple weeks! Yay!

There really isn’t much right now, so I’ll update more later.

Broken Cameras and Broken Hearts…

So, not only have I been super busy recently, my camera broke.

I seriously could cry, I mean, I won the camera at after-prom my junior year, but still, I loved my camera!

So, until further notice, I must put off my 365 day picture challenge, it’s likely for the best. This summer is super crazy.

I have decided to just use this site as my college blog, so my friends, family and others can keep up with my adventures in college. It will also be a survival guide for college. I guess that’s all for now!