The world through my eyes…

Often times… Okay, scratch that, most times, we allow ourselves to become so caught up in everything that we forget to see. You’re probably thinking, wow this chick is crazy, I see all the time. Yes, we do see, but we don’t pay attention. Well, do you want to know what I see? People who have stopped caring. People who have made their lives so fast paced that it’s impossible to appreciate the world around them. I’m not saying I don’t do this, I’m probably one of the most guilty of doing this. So, one day at a time, I’m going to slow things down. This is my 365 day challenge, a picture a day, for the next year, of something I wouldn’t otherwise take the time to notice. Not having a car, that’s going to help, a lot. I’m going to have to learn to slow down and budget a little thing called time into my schedule. 🙂 Now, that’s not the only thing I will be posting, but it will be one of the main things. It’ll be my own little documentary of the next year of my life… Which will mostly consist of my first year of college. Now, every day’s particular picture may not be posted on that day (there are a few trips planned with not internet), but at the end of the year there will be 365 days worth of pictures, with no rush at the end. Oh yeah, did I mention, starts tomorrow.


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